The One Dollar Bill has 2 images (authorization/ownership seals) on it - Federal Reserve (LEFT) and The Department of the Treasury (RIGHT).
We are choosing the image on the RIGHT when demanding lawful money for all transactions per 12 USC 411.
The DEFAULT choice is the image on the LEFT, and requires a usage fee (tax) to the god of mammon (Caesar), and rightly so per Mt 22:21.
Daniel 4:17 shows “…That the Most High is Ruler over the realm of mankind.”
Consequently, I believe that the true AUTHORITY behind 12 USC 411 is the Most High - not Congress, not even the Executive Branch.
Mt 4:4 says we are to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.
Mt 22:15-21 is THE RULE that all the host in heaven and earth must abide by now.
The Eternal has always enabled us to make a CHOICE (Deut 30:15,19). Today, that choice is right in front of us on every dollar bill.
This is in perfect accordance with the principle set down by the Messiah when confronted about taxes.
Read Mt 22:15-21 and notice especially that it had to do with the “image” on the currency.
Make the “RIGHT” choice. Choose to Demand Lawful Money for all transactions.
Put your choice on the record – by substantive evidence on normal business transactions and/or by a public recorded Declaration.
Start TODAY!

Notice in below image that the FRS Seal on the left side of top $5 is missing.