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The BILL is NOT a BILL - The New LAWFUL MONEY Currency!

The Bill is NOT a BILL – it is an asset credit voucher "coupon" containing the credit amount that we must release/surrender to the Trustee (or agent thereof) by indorsing the BACK of the Bill, writing the demand for lawful money on the FRONT, and then returning it, to accomplish "Merger" for "extinguishment" of the obligation.

See this folder for more research information.

When the "dollar" fails, the "bills" will keep coming.

Just start using "bills" as the new currency, and lawful money, by demand!

The New LAWFUL MONEY Currency!

Read the excerpt below from “The Way to outdo England without fighting her” by Henry Charles Carey, 1865, in his “Letter 12“, pages 129-130, and substitute the "American people" for the "wealthy creditor", and see how this new honest labor-backed LAWFUL MONEY currency and a simple clearinghouse controlled by the people could turn around our economy in a matter of weeks! Imagine every adult being given a lawful money account to "draw" their credit from on a monthly basis, based on their current income and needs. Talk about a real stimulus package!!!

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