Income Tax USAGE FEE

Income Tax - A Legitimate Usage Fee

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“Income” is not taxed.
The IRC is simply used to calculate and disguise the FRN Usage Fee!

The unspoken lawful foundation of the “Income Tax” is that it is a legitimate usage fee for the use of the private credit and script of the Federal Reserve System. 

It is based upon simple Contract Law - compensation for service rendered.

Income itself is never taxed - it is only used to calculate said usage fee.

Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are the default currency in the United States. To avoid its usage fee (aka “income tax”), one simply has to demand lawful money, United States Notes (USNs) in the form of FRNs, be used instead, for all transactions, as provided for in 12 USC 411, by making a substantive record of that demand on records (checks and deposit slips) used by financial institutions in their normal course of business documentation, and thereby creating admissible evidence per Federal Rules of Evidence 803(6), and causing the presumed FRNs to be redeemed on an annual basis when 1040 Tax Returns are filed to enable this reconciliation of accounts.

When 12 USC 411 is effectively-connected to 12 USC 95a(2), because only lawful money payments can effect a “full acquittance and discharge”, then good faith reliance upon these statutes provides immunity from liability in any court, including tax court.

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12 USC 95a(2)

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